Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This view is from SW to NE, showing the landscaping and grasses. The spots on the bank in the center of the picture are prostrate rosemary which are spreading and stabilizing the soil.

You can see the shades we need to cut down on heat gain and glare from the PM sun. Left center is a live oak we planted which will eventually shade the windows and alleviate the need for the shades.

They are difficult to see, but we have planted banana plants that will screen the propane tank, and, behind the tank and along the left windows in the house are citrus trees (N33 Navel Orange, Rio Red Grapefruit, Mexican Lime and dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon) At the front of the house next to the porch are two Miewa kumquat bushes. All citrus plants are from the Texas A&M plant sales, propagated by students as part of their education. (All citrus imported into TX must be certified pest free before it can be imported.)
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